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Pilgrim Spots

Pilgrim Spots – The path of spiritual adventure


The journey to ‘Neruka’, the summit of the mount, is very strenuous. The path is narrow, stony and dusty winding through steep rocks. The difficult journey helps the pilgrims to relieve the passion of Christ.


An oasis in the desert

Eventhough the way to ‘Neruka’ is very difficult, the abundance of greenery on each side of the path gives comfort to everyone as bliss from heaven. Moreover, pilgrims can avail the assistance of trained volunteers. The service of medical teams stationed at different spots enable the pilgrims ot have a safe journey.

1. The Sangamavedi (Meeting place)

It is at the foot of the hill where all pilgrims gather before they start their journey to ‘Neruka’. Here we find a Holy Altar, Shrine of Pieta and Shrine of Gethsemane.


2. Shrine of Gethsemane

The Shrine at Sangamavedi, founded on a small hill, catching the sight of the Cross at ‘Neruka’. The figure of Christ praying in the garden of Gethsemane reminds the pilgrims of Christ’s words “Keep watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation”. From here one learns the need for self surrender in life and proceeds the journey to the ‘Neruka’.

3. Shrine of Pieta

Pieta is one of the most attractive shrines in sangamavedi, it stands facing the Holy Altar. The Shrine of Pieta makes all pilgrims meditative and they forget their worries on seeing the sculpture of Virgin Mary holding the body of Jesus Christ.


4. Statue of Rev. Fr. John Baptist. OCD (Father of Kurisumala)

The Statue of Rev. Fr. John Baptist. OCD (Father of Kurisumala) is stands in the nearest of Shrine of Gethsemane. Rev. Fr. John Baptist. OCD was born in Belgium on 1904. After his primary education He jointed the Carmelite Order on 1927. He was ordined a priest on 1934. He left Belgium after one year of priestly service. He came to Travancore on 1935 as a missionary. From 1939 to 1973 He continued his zealous missionary work. On march 27th 1957 He erected the Cross at the zenith of Kontaketty which came the beginning of the Kurisumala Pilgrimage.

5. Spot for rest

It is the place besid the fifth station of the Cross on the way to ‘Neruka’. The pilgrims can enjoy cool breeze under the shade of trees. After the rest, then proceed their journey to ‘Neruka’.


6. The Last Supper in Rock

The famous paint The Last Supper is painted in the rock near the way of journey to Neruka.


7. 14 Stations pilgrims

Singing, chanting prayers and taking temporary recess at each of fourteen stations pilgrims commemorate the journey of Christ to Golgotha.


8. Neruka

Neruka is the abode of the Cross on the summit. The whole atmosphere gives the pilgrims a deep experience of the presence of God. It is the destination of all pilgrims. The view of the surrounding valley and the horizon from ‘Neruka’ is enchanting and it holds the pilgrims spellbound.